Corporate & Insolvency

Corporate & Insolvency

Our firm was born and has grown on the back of our first class corporate expertise. We have one of the most prominent corporate practices on the market that deals with complex cases of corporate governance, corporate structuring and reorganisation, mergers and de-mergers as well as insolvency and bankruptcy. Our clients are mainly large and medium-sized local and international groups who value our ability to add a tax law angle onto every piece of corporate legal advice. In most of our corporate projects we combine legal and tax advice and our clients often appreciate receiving proposals from us for structures which take into account not only legal but also tax aspects of a transaction.

Alongside corporate restructuring, insolvency advice has for many years been a distinctive feature and capability of our corporate practice. We have been involved on creditor or debtor side in some of the most high profile insolvency proceedings of the recent years.

Some of our corporate partners have qualifications as insolvency administrators and our service capability is enhanced by our integrated insolvency administration entity, FRACTAL Insolvency, which was set up in response to a growing demand for insolvency practitioners able to handle complex procedures and to meet the expectations of sophisticated local and international creditors.

Highlights of our work in these areas of practice include advising:


  • a major integrated services company on group reorganisation, tax optimisation and corporate financing;
  • a global industrial and technology group in relation to the restructuring, merging and de-merging of local subsidiaries, as well as corporate governance issues;
  • the global shared services unit of an energy group in connection with the reorganization of subsidiaries and business units, as well as in relation to scenarios for setting up a Societas Europea;
  • a global business processes outsourcing company in connection with the set-up of local operations and outsourcing activities, corporate governance and taxation;
  • a European retail group in connection with a complex merger process between Romanian subsidiaries for the purpose of tax optimization;
  • a global credit insurance company on setting-up local operations;
  • a global energy group in connection with structuring and corporate governance issues arising from the proposed joint-venture between several power producing companies for the development of a large power generation unit;
  • a specialized bank in connection with corporate, banking regulatory and compliance issues arising from setting up in Romania;
  • a European automotive group in connection with the set-up, development and operation of several production facilities in Romania;
  • a European food group in relation to disputes with the shareholders in local joint venture subsidiaries.


  • a global supplier of electro-mechanical systems and services for hydro-power plants in the insolvency procedure of the largest Romanian hydro-power producer;
  • a football and sports club in relation to filing for insolvency and disputes surrounding the insolvency;
  • a financial institution and the appointed insolvency administrator in relation to the bankruptcy of a residential development project company;
  • a global specialist company in mobile broadband in insolvency proceedings of major contractor for a Schengen border control project;
  • a copper mining company and its appointed insolvency administrator in relation to various procedures for sale of assets to international investor;
  • an international metals trading company in relation to the insolvency proceeding of privatized company;
  • an international steel producing company in relation to the insolvency of its local steel plant and reorganization thereof;
  • creditors of one of the largest local media groups in relation to the insolvency proceedings and the approval of the reorganization plan;
  • a seed processing and trading company in relation to the insolvency of contractual partners and enforcement of retention rights and security;
  • an international construction group in relation to the insolvency of subcontractors and suppliers for road infrastructure works.