Procurement, Concessions, PPPs

Procurement, Concessions, PPPs

Our lawyers deal with a wide spectrum of public sector matters deriving from interaction with the private sector. We offer in-depth knowledge and understanding of legal and business contexts in which the public bodies and state owned-companies operate. We cover regulatory aspects and compliance policies to clients that wish to invest or participate in the development of public sector projects. We have extensive experience in advising and representing both private businesses and public authorities on the application of Romanian public procurement laws and of EU public procurement regulations and principles. We are actively involved in leading positions in working groups supporting the government in shaping up the new legal framework for public private partnerships.

The public sector related work includes legal advice in connection with the lease and concession of public-owned assets, assignments of local public services, public procurement procedures, municipality budgeting and financing, municipality notes and insolvency of municipality services. We have also served a number of public bodies in statutory disputes and litigation involving public assets, financial and investment claims.

Our lawyers have represented municipalities in efforts towards the reorganization and modernization of urban management services (e.g. ecological waste deposit, sanitation services, sewage systems), and have also provided legal expertise to public institutions, mainly pertaining to concessions, lease of public owned assets and public services (e.g. land, hospitals, clinics, sport leisure, etc.). Our concession advice covers a wide scope and a variety of public assets, services and works, in particular road infrastructure concessions. We also advise in connection with the concession of natural resources.

Highlights of our work in this area of practice include advising:

  • a global consultancy firm in connection with procurement procedures by central government authorities;
  • a leading European supplier buses in connection with the procurement procedures and related contract for the supply and maintenance of 1000+ buses to municipalities;
  • a global leader in the rail industry in connection with procurement procedures and supply of subway trains and trams;
  • a global diversified industrial and technology group in relation to several procurement procedures for rail traffic equipment and rolling stock;
  • a consortium of traffic communication companies in connection with procurement procedure and disputes related to a EUR 40 million rail communication system;
  • a leading construction materials company in connection with the concession of quarries;
  • a municipal authority in connection with the preparation, tendering and contracting of ecological landfill and waste management facility;
  • a state-owned power generation company in connection with the set-up of joint-venture with private IPPs for the erection and operation of 800 MW power plant;
  • a leading technology and networks company in connection with procurement procedures related to Schengen boarder control programs;
  • a global supplier of medical solution on procurement, contract and financing issues related to a EUR 100+ million hospital restoration and extension project.