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Cioran’s Works defended in court by bpv GRIGORESCU STEFANICA

The publication of the volumes “Complete Works” by Emil Cioran, by the Romanian Academy Publishing House is defended in court by the law firm bpv GRIGORESCU STEFANICA. The publication rights owned by Mr. Eugen Simion, member of the Romanian Academy and the copyrights owned by Mrs. Eleonora Cioran are claimed by the representatives of bpv GRIGORESCU STEFANICA.

The two volumes containing the complete works of the author were edited by the National Foundation for Science and Art (Rom, FNSA) and published under the Romanian Academy patronage, after Mr. Eugen Simion obtained the publication rights in this respect. Humanitas Publishing House challenged in court such publication, claiming the ownership of the copyright over Cioran’s works and requests payments of damages as well as the handover of the entire inventory of the works published by FNSA. Mrs. Eleonora Cioran is also a party to this dispute, following the court’s approval in principle of the main application for joinder filed by Mrs. Cioran. Eleonora Cioran obtained, by legal inheritance, the copyrights over the entire works of Cioran and is also represented in court by bpv GRIGORESCU STEFANICA.

The bpv GRIGORESCU STEFANICA team comprised the lawyers Daniel Stefanica (Partner), Raluca Marcu (Senior Associate) and Flavius Florea (Associate) is defending the cultural enterprise of Mr. Eugen Simion and the Romanian Academy to publish all 300 copies. Since the volumes are not released for sale, they are envisaged as means of ensuring the free access to the works by Emil Cioran for libraries and literary critics, with the aim of supporting the cultural activities thereof.

The next hearing in this case file is scheduled for April 25, 2013.

At the beginning of the year, the bpv GRIGORESCU STEFANICA lawyers won in court in favour of the Romanian Academy the dispute against the Bucharest Municipality for the claim of the real estate property known as “Aşezamintele Bratienilor”, donated to the Academy by the Bratianu family in 1948.

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