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ESSENTIAL Q&A – Collective Redundancies

Given the transition to the state of alert, the issue of limiting or even cancelling certain social assistance measures is currently on the table. In this context, when the majority of the companies are held to identify alternative measures to survive, such as business reconfiguration, cost reduction and collective redundancies, as a last resort, we prepared answers from a legal, as well as form a practical perspective to the most pressing questions raised by numerous employers regarding collective redundancies. These are included in our new guide Essential Q&A – Collective Redundancies. We provide the guide for download as a bilingual document (Romanian – English).

To ensure the accuracy of the provided information, we will update and supplement the guide, depending on the evolution of the legal framework and its impact on employment relationships.

This document does not contain one-size-fits-all solutions. Should you require a tailored application to a specific issue you face, we are happy to help, and we invite you to contact us.


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