Cristina de Jonge and Iulia Dragomir invited as mentors at the NILS International Summer School, 9-13 July 2018

Cristina de Jonge and Iulia Dragomir are holding two training sessions addressing critical aspects and practical challenges in the field of competition law, on Monday, July 9, 2018, starting with 10:30am, during the 3rd edition of NILS International Summer School.

Cristina and Iulia will introduce students to the Competition world, by presenting two of the most controversial topics in the antitrust field: cartels and dawn raids, leniency policy. In her presentation on “Cartels, cartel agreements, dawn raids/cartel busting”, Cristina will aim at getting participants familiarized with key concepts of competition law and share her experience with dealing with cartel cases and dawn raids. Iulia will further address, in her presentation on “Leniency applications”, controversial aspects on cartel whistle-blowing, its impact on cartel participants and cartel victims, as well as the effectiveness and fairness of leniency policies.

NILS (The Network for International Law Students) is an international non-profit organisation, which seeks to contribute to the legal education of law students and to increase their opportunities to learn about legal systems around the world. The 3rd edition of NILS International Summer School will unfold over 5 days (July 9-13, 2018) in Bucharest, offering tailor-made courses, seminars and workshops in the field of competition law.

For the event programme and more information, visit the official website: here.

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