Alternatives to Reduce the Employees’ related Costs – as Business Solution

The financial crisis continues to produce its effects, and additional measures to reduce the employees’ related costs are necessary for a substantial re-boost of the companies’ activity.

Under these circumstances, companies intend to save their investments in the personnel development and training. Valuable people must be kept.

Considering the accumulated experience as well as the difficulties encountered by companies when implementing the processes for the reduction of the costs related to the employees, the event that took place on November 2, 2010, organised by bpv GRIGORESCU in partnership with Ziarul financiar has brought to discussion the methods truly effective from a practical point of view.

Anca Grigorescu, Lawyer, Partner bpv GRIGORESCU
Cristina Randjak, Lawyer bpv GRIGORESCU
Eduard Floria, HR Project Manager, Petrom
Silvia Radu, Governmental Programs Executive, IBM Romania
Mircea Scridon, Corporate Director HR Group Policies & Systems, E.ON Gaz Romania
Mihai Şeitan
Michael Weiss, Vice-president, AT Kearney

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