Anca Grigorescu and Cristina Randjak discuss the Efficient methods of reducing personnel related costs

Anca Grigorescu, partner and Cristina Randjak, managing associate, hold the seminar Efficient methods of reducing personnel related costs, organised by the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce on 19 November 2014 starting with 3.00 pm.

The seminar analyses the following issues from the perspective of the possible options for reducing costs for employers:

  • Which are the measures regarding the personnel that can be taken to attract cutting costs for a short period of time;
  • Which are the aspects an employer needs to take into account in case of dismissal;
  • Is outsourcing an efficient solution for cutting costs;
  • Which are the risks the employer is taking when opting for cutting costs measures.

For more information on attending the seminar, please visit the event′s official webpage: click here.

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