Corporate Restructuring event, Brasov

Given the present economic environment there are many cases where restructuring a company means making it more effective and the efficient restructuring processes may favour foreign investments in Romania. Thus, the existing businesses will continue to generate profit and maintain a high level of employment.

In order to express their support for the companies based in Brasov and the surrounding cities, the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and the law firm bpv GRIGORESCU launched Company Restructuring as the debate topic for entrepreneurs and managers, during an event that took place in Brasov on the 22nd of September.
“It has become more and more evident that a strict cash management, together with modern controlling instruments employed inside the company, are the bases absolutely necessary for any restructuring process. Only when these requirements are met, one can make responsible decisions and appreciate whether the optimization measures for goods cost control are sufficient or it becomes necessary to cut off personnel.” Marko Walde, General manager of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce, stated.

Located in one of the highest developed areas in Romania and being closer linked to the world economy trend, the foreign private capital companies based in Brasov were interested in discovering and discussing the most efficient ways of increasing their productivity.

“One thing that must be kept in mind is that the practical way of restructuring is different for each company and it depends on a number of factors: the line of business, the size of the company, the number of employees, the clients and suppliers’ structure, as well as other particular characteristics.” Anca Grigorescu, partner at bpv GRIGORESCU explained.

Braşov is one of the cities that attracted the largest investments even at the beginning of 2009, when, according to the Romanian Trade Registry Office, the value of the investments was close to EUR 60 millions.

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