D&O Liability. Emerging risks, legal and practical issues.

bpv Grigorescu Stefanica, along with Otto Broker and Groupama Asigurari hosted the seminar “D&O Liability. Emerging risks, legal and practical issues”, which took place on 16 February 2017.

Catalin Grigorescu addressed relevant issues from a practical legal and commercial perspective regarding the D&O liability (Directors & Officers Liability), focusing on topics such as the standard of D&O liability and market acceptance and use of D&O insurance in privately and publicly held companies.

He explained that as the Romanian D&O insurance market is developing many things still need to be clarified and understood in the process. There are a number of valid issues and important expenses covered by the D&O policies that provide real protection to managers in case of claims that might come from employees, trade partners, investors or other stakeholders. Also, there are the expectations of managers looking for insurance policies that can offer protection from the financial consequences of liability to the company and its shareholders. These aspects must be understood and correlated with the specific legislation in Romania in order to have a clear understanding of the situations and circumstances in which directors and officers can get the desired protection.

Catalin Grigorescu summarised the key takeaways from this seminar that can be accessed online here.

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