Fiscal controls and litigations: The new rules of the game

After the recent promulgation of the Fiscal Procedure Code, our team of lawyers organised a seminar with the theme Fiscal controls and litigations: The new rules of the game on 8 September 2015. The discussions were led by Anca Grigorescu, Partner and Head of Taxation.

Our lawyers, Cristina Randjak and Raluca Marcu, discussed the most important changes that companies need to consider in their relationship with the fiscal authorities and put in a practical perspective the measure of fiscal control analysing:

  • The types of fiscal control and what each entails;
  • The procedure that the fiscal authorities need to follow in case of fiscal control;
  • The rights and obligations of the tax payer in case of fiscal control;
  • Aspects related to the result of the fiscal control, including aspects regarding the collection and settling of tax receivables, payment facilities, interests and penalties;
  • The procedure of challenging the acts of enforcement resulted from the fiscal control;
  • The enforcement procedure and possible incidents during the enforcement procedure.

The event was attended by in-house legal and financial professionals of companies. For more information regarding our events and the themes chosen for discussion, please contact us at

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