GDPR: How to avoid potential risks impacting your business

bpv Grigorescu Stefanica, together with Microsoft Romania and Zitec, organised the “GDPR: How to avoid potential risks impacting your business” conference to discuss the impact of the new legislation regarding personal data protection on the business activity of Romanian companies. The event was free of charge and took place on June 28th, starting with 8:30am, at the Microsoft headquarters in Bucharest.

Lawyers Flavius ​​Florea and Ruxandra Pirlan approached the subject from a practical and legal perspective to explain when and how the processing of personal data will still be possible in the context of the new data protection regulation entering into force in May 2018. The event agenda also included the following topics:

  • Tools, processes and expertise required to comply with the new regulation;
  • Recommendations and support for implementing a concrete action plan: both technically, by preparing new IT systems and automating existing ones, as well as legally and operationally (through business policies, security policies, risk assessment and avoidance of penalties).
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