Processing of personal data in the recruitment process analysed by Cristina Randjak at HR Business Strategist

During the HR Business Strategist conference, Cristina Randjak will discuss one of the hottest topics for the human resources sector in the context of recruitment in the digital era: personal data processing. Focusing especially on the Restrictions in processing personal data during the recruitment process, Cristina will explain the implications of such restrictions for the employers, during the first session of the conference, on March 11, 2015, starting with 09.30.

The digital era brings forward the processing of personal data and transforms it in one of the most popular topics for the HR professionals who are dealing with strict procedures imposed by the regulatory authorities. As a general rule, any kind of personal data processing needs the approval of the person in question and must be notified to the Personal Data Processing Authority (ANSPDCP). There are exceptions, though. Cristina Randjak will review all the exceptions and will offer employers a clear perspective of the available possibilities and restrictions regarding the use of such sensitive information.

The event is dedicated to the HR professionals and discusses the challenges they are facing, but also the ways to find strategies which can ensure productivity, cooperation, professionalism, and profitability within their organizations. For more information about the topics addressed during the conference, please access the official web page of the event: click here.

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