Regulations regarding air quality management: opportunities and obstacles for companies and authorities

During the ElementAir Conference on April 23, 2015, lawyer Nicolae Ursu discusses the regulations applicable to the air quality sector. Knowledge and understanding of the applicable legislation with respect to air quality management entails identifying and avoiding the obstacles the companies and public authorities encounter when adopting pollution reduction policies. At the same time, regulating this area offers opportunities for the correct management of pollution, so that all the actors involved can benefit from the agreed solution.

As a present recurring problem, pollution raises numerous questions when it comes to deciding the best strategy for counteracting its negative effects in the short and long run. The non-governmental Association Green revolution aims, through organising the ElementAir conference, to bring to the public attention the importance of identifying efficient solutions for the continuous development of the Romanian cities. ElementAir is organised in association with the Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environment and brings together representatives of both the business environment and the authorities. For more information about the event, please access the official page here.

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