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Cooperation protocol between Green Revolution Association and bpv GRIGORESCU

Green Revolution Association signed today a cooperation protocol with bpv GRIGORESCU, the law firm which will give its legal support to the Association.
bpv GRIGORESCU will support Green Revolution with respect to current activities of the Association as well as for future projects.

“We are very proud of this cooperation. We consider it to be a strategic partnership for Green Revolution Association and an important legal support for us. We have found in bpv GRIGORESCU an extremely dynamic and a very good dialogue partner. We have found that we share the same ideas and ideals. We are proud to be officially partners”, Raluca Fiser, President of Green Revolution Association sated.

“The partnership with Green Revolution gives us the opportunity to bring our expertise in the field of environment law, acquired in many years of practice, to support the programs and legal projects of the association. At the same time, we will have a vehicle to help us make the people more aware of their environmental rights, regarding the evolution of the legal framework and consequences of breaking the law”, said Cătălin Grigorescu, managing partner at bpv GRIGORESCU.

Green Revolution Association was established in 2009, with the goal of promoting urban ecology and taking the actions that are at the very foundation of a green city. Green Revolution, together with Bucharest Municipality, created the program “Capitala Creşte Verde” (“The Capital Grows Green”) and also initiated two bills, Picnic Law and Law regarding selective waste collection in public institutions. In addition, the Association organized several seminars and conferences, such as “România în drum spre Copenhaga” (“Romania on the way to Copenhagen”) or “România şi schimbările climatice” (“Romania and climate changes”), in partnership with the Representative Office of the European Commission to Romania. Last but not least, Green Revolution started the first bike-sharing project in Romania, “La Pedale” (“Pedaling”).

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