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Latest developments on Labour Law issues in a seminar organized by DRHK with the contribution of bpv GRIGORESCU

With the occasion of a seminar organized by Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce for its members, a team of lawyers from bpv GRIGORESCU led by partner Anca Grigorescu, was invited to speak about major topics related to Labour Law provisions.
The presentations, taking place on 20 and 23 October respectively, were addressed to a specialized audience, top managers mainly, from human resources functions and regional managers and covered issues related to the non-observance of contractual obligations by the employee and the stages to the disciplinary dismissal.

The seminar provided to the participants up to date information on issues such as: employer’s obligations regarding the work discipline, sanctions that can be applied for non observance of these obligations, the procedure for disciplinary sanctions and dismissal and the employee’s option to challenge the disciplinary dismissal as well as practical solutions for the employer in such cases. Other topics discussed during the seminar covered alternatives ways of labour contract termination for employees that did not fulfil their obligations with respect to work discipline.

The seminar is part of a series of events organized on a regular basis by the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its members covering various legal issues of interest with the constant contribution of bpv GRIGORESCU.

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