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New rules regarding the organization of work and travel for professional interest

New measures for averting and combating the effects of COVID-19 pandemic entered into force[1] as of 9 November 2020. Certain measures concern the work relationships during the alert state. In this respect:

Employers are entitled to implement work from home or telework by their unilateral decision, where the specifics of the activity allow. Employees may use their own means or equipment for performance of telework.

Employers having more than 50 employees organize the working schedule by dividing their personnel into groups who begin and terminate the activity at a difference of at least one hour, as opposed to the previous rule which provided for a time frame of 3 hours.

Travel of individuals outside their home/housework during 23.00 and 05.00 hours is not permitted. By means of exception, travel for professional interest is allowed, inclusively between the home/housework and place/places where the individuals carry out their professional activity and back to home/housework. For the purpose of verifying the reason for travel, employees are required to present, at the request of the public authorities’ representatives, a work badge, a certificate issued by the employer or an affidavit.

[1] Government Emergency Ordinance no. 192/2020 for amendment of Law no. 55/2020 on measures for averting and combating the effects of COVID-19 pandemic, as well as for amendment of let. A) of art. 7 of Law no. 81/2018 on telework and Government Decision no. 935/2020 for amendment of annexes 2 and 3 of Government Decision no. 856/2020 on prolonging the alert state in Romania starting 15 October 2020, as well as for establishing measures to be applied during such state for averting and combating the effects of COVID-19 pandemic were published in Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 1042 of 6 November 2020.

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