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Start Digital @ Clasa a – 4 -a, a digital education project we proudly support

Our team has proudly provided legal support to the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania for implementing a digital educational project for four hundred and thirty 4th grade students from Bucharest and Ilfov.

As a TMT Tier One law society, providing legal advice and assistance to global technology companies which also offer their services to children, it was a natural decision to be a part of the ”Start Digital @ Clasa a 4-a” project as we are fully aware that the digital era and future belong to children from today.

On this occasion, between May 17- June 4, 2019, students, primary school teachers, ITC teachers and experts from 12 technology participating companies will have the opportunity to develop and test available solutions for teaching digital skills in school.

On-site company visits organized during the ”Start Digital @ Clasa a 4-a” project aims to stimulate children’s curiosity and interest in new technology by creating an interactive space for learning. Companies will use this occasion to raise students’ and teachers’ awareness on the challenges of digital transformation by providing relevant information, including online bullying, fake news or personal data security breaches, to name a few.

Through this initiative, our team together with AmCham Romania and the other partner firms underscores the need for our society’s need to invest in the development of children’s digital competences as early as possible through the context of a formal education program. Education in this domain highlights the need for a life-long learning process, which is essential for Romania’s alignment in the new digital era.

The first part of ”Start Digital @ Clasa a 4-a” will be followed by compiling a series of requirements and recommendations to guide teachers and experts in the private sector as they collaborate to identify the best in class methods to teach digital competences to future generations of students.

Participating Schools: Școala Ferdinand I – București, Școala Generală nr. 195 – București, Școala Cezar Bolliac – București, Școala nr. 134 – București, Școala nr. 1 Pantelimon, Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea – București, Școala nr. 1 – Popeşti – Leordeni, Kids Palace – București, Școala ARC – București.

”Start Digital @ Clasa a 4-a” is AmCham Romania’s call to all relevant stakeholders to align and adopt priorities and measures set forth by the EU for developing digital education, by also providing the needed funding in Romania to ensure its citizens’ access to present and future digital opportunities.

More details about this project can be found on AmCham Romania website or by following this link. 

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