Teleworking deconstructed: legal, health & safety challenges

bpv Grigorescu Stefanica organizes, together with Eurofin, a leading advisory practice in the area of labor health and safety, a workshop within the AmCham Learning & Innovation Center on May 23, 2018, between 15:00 and 17:30 EET.

The workshop will cover the newly adopted law on teleworking, from a practical perspective as regards both the legal and the labor health and safety implications.

During the workshop, our lawyers, Anca Grigorescu, partner, and Cristina Randjak, Managing Associate, will cover aspects regarding:

● Applicability of teleworking;

● Teleworking and work@home:
– Choice between teleworking and work@home;
– Possibility to benefit from both teleworking and work@home provisions at the same time;
– Drafting teleworking and combined teleworking and work@home clauses in employment contracts;

● Employers’ and employees’ obligations in relation to tele-employees:
– Information obligation,
– Work time records,
– Work control,

Daniel Milicescu, Managing Partner of Eurofin, will concentrate on the labor health and safety implications of teleworking and the related business impact.

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