Data Protection & Privacy

If there is one concern that all business actors and private individuals share nowadays, its name surely is Privacy. While many view new privacy regulations and tougher enforcement as barriers to innovation and threats to future growth models, we believe there is much to be gained from proactively adopting and implementing best practices in data protection and privacy and from fostering a culture of compliance.

Some industries and practices, particularly in the digital space, might pose particularly difficult problems of legal qualification and compliance. Whatever the industry or the size of businesses involved, we have developed one of the leading national practices in this the field and are well positioned to assist and advise our clients in approaching compliance with the applicable regulations at national or European levels. If anything goes wrong, our experienced privacy litigation team can help you defend your position vis-a-vis the regulator, private individuals or business partners.

  • Advising a global digital-services leader specialising in Internet-related services and products, on various aspects of data protection and privacy, including right-to-be-forgotten (RTBF) claims and litigation, and on various issues concerning compliance with privacy rules
  • Advising a global leader in digital services both on various data protection matters relating to outsourcing agreements and employee data transfers, and on GDPR compliance areas
  • Advising a multinational defence, security and aerospace company on the processing of employees’ personal data
  • Advising a global pharma and personal-care manufacturer on the adaptation and implementation of whistle-blowing policies, and on the roll-out of a GDPR compliance program and related activities for its local subsidiaries
  • Advising a global communication software and service provider on data protection and privacy issues raised by cloud storage and computing
  • Advising an international chain of fashion retail stores on privacy issues related to employee access to shop premises as well as data-protection issues related to access to customer data
  • Advising an international company specialising in programmatic advertising, on privacy issues related to data collected through a digital demand-side platform
  • Advising a European electricity provider on personal data issues in connection with the transfer of employees, including the treatment of personal data in the event of successive business transfers
  • Advising a global tech industry leader on various data protection issues related to BPO systems and projects, as well as data protection issues related to proprietary data
  • Advising the global leader in fashion retail on legal issues related to the monitoring of employees in shops, including personal-data implications
  • Assisting a leading global advertising, marketing and PR agency on comprehensive GDPR compliance program for local subsidiaries
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