Employment & Benefits

Today’s marketplace challenges both employers and employees to find employment arrangements that accommodate economic flexibility and regulation while maintaining the ability to retain the best talent. We counsel businesses and individuals on all aspects of employment relations and provide substantial support to our transactional teams by working closely with our corporate and tax lawyers on mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, divestitures, outsourcing and insolvencies.

Our team’s resources allow us to handle any employment matter irrespective of its size or complexity. By teaming up with our dispute resolution lawyers, we represent a group with a compelling track record in individual and employment litigation.

Interviewees remark on the team’s “high level of expertise” and add that “they reply fast and are highly skilled”. Clients further praise the team’s “deep business understanding.” Chambers & Partners, 2018

The team has “an analytical” approach and noted expertise in transactional mandates. The Legal 500 EMEA, 2018

In our practice, we have handled large employment portfolios for expanding retail groups, outsourcing projects for global IT companies, employee-benefit plans for international industrial groups, middle- and senior- management training for employers of all sizes, and collective bargaining negotiations for energy groups with thousands of employees.

We have helped design and implement internal rules and regulations, flexible work and telework programs, and executive compensation packages, and have conducted numerous collective negotiations with unions and employee representatives.

Our lawyers play a central role in establishing positive trends in the Romanian employment regime. We act in leadership positions in several working groups of chambers of commerce and industry associations, and we advocate on topics of employment relations, investing a significant amount of time in drafting and coordinating legal initiatives for the private sector.

  • Advising a leading global fashion retail group on employment matters related to market entry and massive expansion, including hiring campaigns, training, internal rules and regulations, dismissals, and litigation
  • Advising a leading energy group on corporate reorganization involving employment restructuring, dismissal and outsourcing mechanisms
  • Advising a global IT company on negotiation with trade union representatives before and after threats of strike and other employment matters
  • Advising a governmental entity on strategy for employment restructuring in public-sector institutions and the implementation of labour adjustment and professional re-qualification programs
  • Advising an employer of 1000+ personnel in the energy sector on the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements
  • Advising a global cosmetics company on the termination of employment contracts in the event of employees benefiting from social protection, and also providing advice on employment aspects related to internal rules and regulations, termination procedures, and dismissals and disciplinary procedures, as well as on the implementation of a whistle-blowing policy
  • Advising an oil & gas company on occupational safety and health requirements for onshore and offshore activities
  • Advising an international chemical group on setting up internal rules and regulations together with workplace policies
  • Advising a ‘Big 4’ consultancy firm on aspects of collective bargaining agreements and restructurings
  • Advising a leading food-processing company on the personnel restructuring processes and the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement
  • Advising a public-entity institution on employment restructuring processes and professional re-qualification and work replacement, and on planning for restructuring strategy to mitigate the negative impact of layoffs
  • Advising a leading technology company on the legal and tax implications of an employee stock-option plan
  • Advising a global leader in telecommunication networks on the legal and tax implications of carve-out and outsourcing transactions
  • Advising a European retail group on disciplinary procedures and on the termination of employment due to under-performance or criminal activity
  • Advising a European fashion retail group on the legal and tax treatment of benefits in kind, and on the choice of appropriate computing methods for benefits, taxes and social contributions
  • Advising a global beverage company on the termination of employment contracts on disciplinary grounds, coupled with practical recommendations on the implementation of a strategy for terminating employment contracts and on the assessment of potential risks, together with suggested strategies for dealing with negative feedback received from former employees
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