Intellectual Property

In the fast-developing context of the digital age in which we live, there is a great search for solutions to old and new problems and for creative, high-quality and pertinent content, delivered in a novel way. Whether we are talking about brands, designs, digital and industrial technology, or innovation of any kind, in general, both market leaders and start-ups are striving to maximise their brain-power in order to capture a larger piece of the pie.

Our IP lawyers help innovators and their customers to tackle the various challenges presented by the creation, protection, use and exploitation of intellectual property. We enable our clients to grow their IP both on a local and international scale, and show them how to work effectively and in a timely manner to stop any infringements that may occur and battle out complex IP disputes.

We use our expertise in intellectual property to add value to our advice on projects in other areas, such as Technology, Media & Telecom, Mergers & Acquisitions, or Taxation, where the safeguarding and the value enhancement of intangible assets are important drivers in making a business decision.

  • Assisting a global leader in the pharmaceutical and life-sciences industry with advice regarding the infringement of IP rights, and with court representation for protection of one of their most renowned legacy trademarks
  • Advising a medical software provider on terms & conditions and licensing agreements, and on reseller agreements and distribution
  • Advising the leading Romanian fintech platform provider on terms and conditions and licensing and reseller agreements
  • Advising an international chain of fashion retail stores regarding trademark infringements by several businesses in the textile sector
  • Advising an FMCG market leader in drafting and negotiating a trademark licensing agreement with a meat-processing company, as well as in setting-up a tax-efficient trademark licensing structure at the group level
  • Providing ongoing advice to one of the largest dental clinic networks in Romania on trademark registration, the protection of internet domains, and the import and use of branded products; providing legal representation in relation to trademark and design elements in various IP litigations; offering legal services regarding medical investment related to new medicine, including originator medicine, and the acquisition of a patented process, apparatus and equipment
  • Advising a European electricity service provider on compliance with software protection laws
  • Representing a European water-vending systems company in relation to interim measures for the prohibition of distributing protected equipment and to a claim for the annulment of a registered utility model
  • Advising a Romanian urban ecology non-profit organisation in trademark registration and providing advice in relation to a software- and hardware-development agreement for a bike-sharing system
  • Advising an NGO in the matter of trademark infringements by one of their main suppliers
  • Advising a national public school on the registration of software and learning systems and on compliance with IP regulations
  • Advising an international worldwide marketer of consumer and commercial products regarding the group’s rebranding campaign
  • Advising a multinational media and entertainment conglomerate on the use of trademarks by participants in the company’s resale and distribution systems
  • Advising a global information-services company on the registration, protection, copyright and trading of electronic and software tools and technologies focused on legal professionals, government institutions, and the banking and transport industries
  • Advising the producers of a well-known movie series in connection with the securing of copyright in production agreements with Romanian film studios
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