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In recent decades, technological advancement has become a top priority for each and every organization across the entire business landscape and all around the globe. As companies started to embrace digitalization and new technologies, the impact of technology became exponential, disrupting business processes and forcing it to become an intertwined element of every industry, as opposed to just being a stand-alone sector. With this came new challenges to legal minds, who now need to frame novel products and business models within existing legal frameworks that are often less agile and adapt all too slowly to economic realities.

bpv Grigorescu Ştefănică’s “advice is always precise” on mandates involving data protection, e-commerce and fintech issues. The Legal 500, EMEA, 2018

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As a firm, we have always been involved in advising players in the technology, media and telecom (TMT) sectors in connection with their national and regional projects. Over the years, we have developed into a top-tier TMT practice in our jurisdiction, by working with some of the most prominent actors in the sector, from fast-charging start-ups to global giants in digital and industrial technology.

Meanwhile, our work is no longer national, as it involves assisting clients in multi-jurisdictional settings, whether in terms of regional or global distribution, with the setting-up of global operations and attracting investment from international investors. Our clients seek our advice for our knowledge of the market context and of the competitive environment in which they operate, for our connections in the market and the ability to make meaningful business introductions, as well as for our multidisciplinary approach to our transactional, advisory and litigation work.

  • Advising a global internet and technology giant in connection with product localisation, privacy and data protection, and a range of distribution, consumer protection, competition, tax and litigation matters
  • Advising a global technology company on radio spectrum frequencies bidding
  • Advising technology investors in relation to the regulatory constraints, setting-up and implementation of a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) solution for IoT application
  • Advising a medical software company on setting-up software reseller and distribution systems in Europe and Latin America
  • Advising a global leader in technology in relation to electronic registration and reporting of transactions, as well as on various tax and customs issues in its delivery and other logistics operations
  • Advising a global location-data platform on government licensing requirements
  • Advising a global technology services leader in relation to service agreements with national state agencies, including the copyright and transfer of code data, and in relation to many corporate, reorganizational matters, as well as on collective and individual employment issues (including collective disputes with IT sector unions), tax issues, and administrative law matters
  • Advising a software solutions and cloud-computing services provider on the implications and risks of a software service agreement with government agencies
  • Advising an international cloud-computing company in relation to a proposes government cloud programme
  • Advising a top international media & entertainment company operating in CEE on management reorganization after the takeover of one of the largest media and entertainment companies on the Romanian market, and on various legal considerations, including a review of commercial contracts, advice on copyright (including producers and performers rights), and advice on advertising materials and ad campaign documents, as well as legal opinions on a multitude of other issues and contracts
  • Advising an international company specialised in programmatic advertising in connection with the complete overhaul of the contractual documentation for their business and in connection with privacy and data protection issues related to programmatic media trading
  • Advisint the largest regional media and broadcasting group on commercial contracts, channel distribution contracts, advertising and TV rights, an d employment and corporate issues, following the corporate restructuring of the company
  • Acting for a European IT services provider in procurement litigation for an air-traffic control software contract
  • Advising a global business-software provider on software development issues, contract review, rights over co-developed ERP solutions, and a restructuring process
  • Advising the founders of the second largest cryptocurrency (by market capitalisation) on the regulatory regime of issuance and trading of cryptocurrency, development JVs, and tax issues
  • Advising an international operations management and analytics company in connection with the setting-up of operations and BPO activities, including commercial contracts, taxation, group reorganization, and employment
  • Advising a global business incubator and start-up accelerator on the localisation of warrant agreements with start-up companies
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