Guide to stock option plans in Romania

The Guide to Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) – Incentive for Company Performance, launched together with the Romanian Employers’ Association of the IT&C industry (ANIS Romania), is a practical, easy-to-follow tool that provides information and solutions for cultivating the untapped potential of stock option plans.

The guide aims to support companies in the assessment and decision-making process regarding the implementation of stock option plans. Recent years have shown a growing interest in ESOPs, given the significant contribution they can make in attracting and retaining valuable employees, as well as in increasing the performance of employees and companies that choose to implement them (including in times of economic difficulty).

In addition to the informative role of the guide, which aims to cultivate the untapped potential of stock option plans, the guide also aims to be a tool for ESOP planning. As there is no one-size-fits-all solution in this area, the guide provides support in identifying the essential elements to be defined prior to the implementation process and in understanding the implementation mechanisms, which can be major differentiators for choosing an optimal ESOP structure.

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