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Granting paid days off for the supervision of children

According to recent amendments[1], days off for child supervision purposes will be granted to one of the parents for the duration of school holidays as well, in case classes are suspended or education units are closed due to unfavourable weather conditions or other extreme situations.

The notion of education unit also includes early childhood education facilities.

Rules on granting annual holidays

Law No. 53/2003 – Labour Code („Labour Code”) has recently undergone several amendments[2].

Employees belonging to legally provided Christian cults will benefit from days of for the annual holidays corresponding to the last day of Friday before Easter (i.e., Good Friday), the two days off for Easter, respectively Pentecost by reference to the date on which they are celebrated by the cult the employees belong to.

If the employees belonging to Christian cults, other than the Orthodox one, benefit from days off corresponding to their own cult, as well as from days off corresponding to these holidays as provided by the Orthodox Calendar, the supplementary days off shall be recovered based on a schedule implemented by the employer.

Financial aid granted to families for payment of babysitting services

According to a recent enactment[3], starting May 31st, 2020, families with pre-school children can benefit from financial aid for the payment of services provided by the babysitter paid by local public administration authorities.

The individuals eligible to obtain the financial aid are the parent to whom the child lives steadfastly, the legal representative of the child who takes care of the child and of his/her growth and the person designated by the parent for supporting the child, during the absence of the parents. They benefit from the financial aid if they (i) support pre-school children and (ii) obtain net incomes of up to RON 3,500 per family member.

The aid is granted on a monthly basis, for each pre-school child, by reference to the monthly net income per family member, as follows:

 income up to RON 2,100 – financial aid of RON 710 lei;

 income between RON 2,101 and RON 2,500 – financial aid of RON 550,

income between RON 2,501 and RON 3,000 – financial aid of RON 390,

income between RON 3,001 and RON 3,500 – financial aid of RON 250.

The financial aid is granted based on a request which is submitted along with supporting documents to the public social assistance service.


[1] Government Emergency Ordinance No. 41/2020 amending and completing Law No. 19/2020 on granting days off to parents for the supervision of children in the case of the temporary closing of education units, published within the Official Gazette, Part I, No. 282 dated April 3rd, 2020;

[2] Law No. 37/2020 on the completion of art.139 of Law No.53/2003 – Labour Code and of art.361 of Law no.1/2011 of national education, published within the Official Gazette, Part I, No. 280 dated April 3rd, 2020;

[3] Law no. 35/2020 regarding the granting of financial aid to families for payment of services provided by the babysitter, published in the Official Gazette, Part I no. 271 dated April 1st, 2020.

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