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Increased value of meal tickets

According to recent legislative amendments[1], the nominal value of a meal ticket may not exceed RON 20. The maximum nominal value of RON 15.18 applicable prior to this amendment has proved inefficient, given the fact that in the existing market conditions, such value could not even cover the necessary amount for a meal.

The amendments are in force as of April 1st, 2020.

New interpretations as regards the dismissal of the pregnant employee

A recently published decision[2] of the Constitutional Court offers important nuances as regards the interdiction to dismiss pregnant employees, as provided by Labour Code[3]. Although said provisions do not provide any derogations, the Court offers a corroborated interpretation of all legislation in force on the matter and states that the prohibition is strictly applicable to those reasons related to the employee’s pregnancy. Therefore, the mentioned interdiction does not refer to the other cases where disciplinary termination of the employment agreement is the consequence of disciplinary infringements, gross misconduct, repeated absences from the workplace for a long duration, general non-observance of work discipline, nor to the individual or collective redundancies[4].

We hereby mention that the decisions of the Constitutional Court are mandatory, including as regards the recitals, and produce effects for the future.


[1] Law No. 24/2020 for the amendment of art. 14 of Law No. 165/2018 on granting value tickets, published within the Official Gazette, Part I. No. 229 dated March 20th, 2020.

[2] Decision No. 1/2020 on the rejection of the exception of unconstitutionality of the provisions of Art. 60 par. (1) letter c) of Law No. 53/2003 – Labour Code, published within the Official Gazette, Part I, No. 232 dated March 21st, 2020;

[3] Please refer to Art. 60 par. (1) letter c) of Law No. 53/2003 – Labour Code, as republished within the Official Gazette, Part I, No. 345 dated May 18th, 2011;

[4] Please refer to recital 27.

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