RE: INFRA – Infrastructure, Utilities & Environment magazine, no.4 | Summer Edition 2019 – Infrastructure beyond

The changes, benefits and challenges to be brought by the 2.0 era were, a few years ago, the hottest topic on everyone’s business agenda. Since then, 2.0 era has brought to our attention the concept of AI and connectivity at levels we couldn’t have even imagined. Things we did, only some decades ago, through manual labour, nowadays are made much faster and at higher quality standards thanks to AI. Robots replace people in a lot of industries and tasks.

In this context, what can make us succeed in the future? What makes us much better than robots when they seem to be a lot better, faster and, let’s face it, more comfortable to work with?
The answer is human interconnectivity!

When adding the human wit to technology capabilities, the world gets traction on the innovative and evolutionary path.
Interconnecting knowledge and capabilities will bring us all beyond the infrastructure paradigm. Looking at the bigger picture is not a new concept or innovative thinking, but it is what can help us consolidate businesses, countries and the entire world.

Interconnectivity is the way we can have a worldwide infrastructure, not just local segmented structures. Thus, this is what you will be reading in this edition: about interconnecting transport and tech infrastructure, about interconnecting the private business sector infrastructure with the public one, about putting together the pieces of all these segmented structures.
Hoping that you will find this edition interesting as well as useful, have a good reading!

The magazine can be downloaded in PDF format right from this link.

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