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Tax measures adopted by the Romanian Government in the COVID-19 context

Through the Emergency Government Ordinance no. 29/2020, published in the Official Gazette no. 230 of 21 March 2020 (“EGO 29/2020”), the Romanian Government adopted fiscal measures in the COVID-19 context:

Specifically, the measures are the following:

» Postponement of the first payment deadline for payment of the property and vehicle ownership taxes from 31 March 2020 to 30 June 2020.

» Suspension or, as the case may be, the non-commencement of the enforcement procedure, through garnishment, concerning the budgetary claims. This will not include any amounts ordered under court judgements in criminal cases.

» Extension of the deadline for submitting notifications regarding the declaration of the intention to restructure the fiscal obligations, in accordance with the provisions of GEO 6/2019, until 31 of July 2020. Also, the period for submitting the restructuring plan is extended until 31 of October 2020.

» For the tax obligations due and unpaid at the moment of entering into force of EGO 29/2020 until the state of emergency is over and 30 days after, interest and late penalties according to the Fiscal Procedure Code, are not calculated. These tax obligations will not be considered outstanding in the mentioned period.

» The taxpayers applying to the system of declaration and payment of the annual income tax, with quarterly advance payments, can make quarterly advance payments for 2020, at the level resulting from the calculation of the current quarterly profit tax. The calculation method is maintained for all quarters of the fiscal year 2020.

» For taxpayers with fiscal year corresponding to the financial year, the return to the standard declaration and payment system is applicable for the remaining quarters of the modified year ending in 2020, as well as for the calculation of those related to the quarters of the modified fiscal year beginning in 2020 and are included 2020.

Also, through the press release of 16.03.2020, the National Agency for Fiscal Administration declared that it has prepared a set of measures to help the business environment, the most important being:

» During March 2020, VAT refunds will be performed for all processed returns/claims for which refund decisions have been already issued;

»Implementation of a new VAT refund mechanism intended to speed up refund claim processing, starting 1 April 2020;

» Suspension of tax audit proceedings (tax inspections, anti-fraud checks), except for checks that can be performed remotely and except for tax evasion cases, where relevant indications are available;

» Suspension of the anti-fraud activities related to Filter 2 and of the specific activities at the Hungarian and Bulgarian border checkpoints.

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