TaxEU Forum 2021: Up-to-date catalogue of employee benefits

The catalogue is a useful tool for companies that, out of the desire to motivate employees, offer them personalized benefits that match their individual needs. Companies that own employee benefits platforms have met these expectations and provide employers and employees with both classical benefits – meal vouchers, health insurance and subscriptions or contributions to private pension schemes, as well as benefits related to, for example, professional or extra-professional courses, tourism, sports, spa access, hobbies, family activities, cultural activities, clothing or cosmetics.

The interest of employees as regards such benefits is obvious, but for employers, the management of employee benefits granted through platforms can be burdensome, given that some employee benefits are subject to a favourable tax regime only if they are regulated in a certain way.

The catalogue is a synthesis of the employee benefits that have become more and more varied in recent years, as well as of the tax regime and of the regulations applicable to each of these benefits, and we trust it meets your needs. Should you require a tailored analysis in relation to a specific topic that you face, we would be glad to assist you and we invite you to contact us.

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